the king of Lowertown


In the quiet stillness of the morning,
I happened upon him, the king, or so he said.
Although impressed, i downplayed it and kept shooting
While he spun his throne of thread.

The wonderment of this landscape was interrupted,
My curiosity crept.
This land is so vast and he so small.
His statement I could not accept.

I found him again in his dew spotted castle
Amongst prairie grass and weed.
Beside him I sat. He stopped and he said,
“Might there be something you need?”

Before a response, I studied him.
His air of power and strength.
From his hairy abdomen to his skull tattoo.
No more than a fingernail’s length.

Dumbfounded by his self repute,
No trace of reasonable doubt,
I slowly stood up and gave him a bow,
“You’re a Magnificent King”, I cried out.

Upon turning to away and continue my day,
I heard his pedipalps thumping.
I turned towards him with a curious grin.
He said “Mind if I ask you something?”

Listening intently, he asked for a mate.
What would life be without a Queen?
Then he stopped himself and said “Nevermind,
I’m not ready to be someone’s cuisine.”

Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

the king of Lowertown | Matthew Blum


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