the quiet ones


Underneath their shelter, they sleep.
The stillness, the silence
A sobering thought of the last ‘farewell’.

Underneath their shelter, they dance.
Racing comets, hopping planets
Excitedly awaiting the next ‘hello’.

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

the quiet ones | Matthew Blum


2 thoughts on “the quiet ones

  1. Mysterious and creepy…if I look at it they look like those bumps they put in a sidewalk cut. When I use a wheelchair I HATE those bumps. They are my nemesis.

    Well done.


    1. Thanks! Actually this is a picture of a girder on a bridge turned sideways, but it certainly does look like the bumps on a sidewalk. As I worked on this image, I saw the bumps as a burial ground, hence, “the quiet ones”. Take care.

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